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Partners Leave a legacy and ensure that forests are around for generations to come.

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Since 2010, Avon Products Inc. and its Foundation have funded The Nature Conservancy's Plant a Billion Trees program in one of the world's most endangered and biodiverse rainforests—the Atlantic Forest in Brazil. Avon has raised more than $4.9 million in countries around the world for Plant a Billion Trees by mobilizing their global sales force to sell Healthy Forests, Beautiful World fundraising products. The Conservancy is honored by Avon's continued support throughout the region to help protect and restore forests, improve water quality for millions of people, and mitigate the effects of climate change.

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BAPS Charities is a global charity active in over nine countries across five continents. It harnesses the collective spirit of volunteers and their efforts to serve individuals, families, and communities across five key areas: Community Empowerment, Environmental Protection & Preservation, Educational Services, Health & Wellness, and Humanitarian Relief. By participating in Earth Day, water conservation efforts, and recycling drives, BAPS Charities leads volunteers to serve as good stewards of the planet.

BAPS Charities' support of the Plant a Billion Trees initiative at The Nature Conservancy is made possible by the thousands of volunteers who believe that a healthy planet is critical to building healthy communities where both nature and individuals can thrive. Building upon a successful 2016 partnership, in 2017, BAPS Charities will organize Walkathons in 60 cities throughout the United States, mobilizing over 19,000 people in support of the Plant a Billion Trees initiative.

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Lokai has partnered with The Nature Conservancy since 2017 to support reforestation work that helps to restore balance to the environments that people, plants and animals call home. Each Green Lokai purchased will allow The Conservancy to plant one tree via the Plant a Billion Trees program and continue restoring balance to our Earth.

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NBBJ is a proud supporter of Plant A Billion Trees through the firm’s Legacy Project, which has a goal of planting one million trees by 2030 to counteract the destruction of forests and declining biodiversity.

Founded in 1943, NBBJ is an international design practice that helps its clients drive innovation by creating highly productive, sustainable spaces that free people to live, learn, work and play as they were meant to. Their global network of “renaissance teams” includes more than 700 architects, researchers, strategists, nurses, anthropologists, planners and interior designers who generate ideas that have a profound and lasting impact.

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