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Help Oracle and
The Nature Conservancy
Plant a Billion Trees

Oracle is Giving One Million Dollars Over the Next Four Years to Help Advance Reforestation Efforts Globally.

Oracle is providing support to plant trees and protect and restore forests in the United States, Brazil, and China, and is encouraging its employees and OpenWorld attendees to help too. By ensuring healthy forests in these critical habitats, we are helping to clean the air, reduce the impacts of climate change, improve watersheds that provide drinking water for millions of people, protect thousands of species of native plants and animals, and expand job opportunities in local communities.

You can help too. Donate now to match Oracle’s contribution and help The Nature Conservancy reach its goal to Plant a Billion Trees!



Trees to Date

58% of goal to plant one million trees with Oracle

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America’s forests are now facing a perfect storm of threats. Today, a forested area the size of California is in an unhealthy condition.

Use our map to learn about the people and animals of the forest.

  Forests Help Sustain All Life on Earth

Forests Produce Clean Water

Forests act as a filtration system as water flows through their root systems, providing clean drinking water for millions of people around the globe.

Forests Naturally Filter Air

Forests are the lungs of the Earth: they absorb and filter toxins from the air and produce clean oxygen for all life to breathe.

Forests Regulate the Global Climate

Forests hold vast amounts of carbon dioxide and act as a cooling system for the Earth; they stabilize the global climate and fight climate change.

Forests Support People and Nature

Forests are essential to the livelihood and cultures of people around the world, and are home to 80 percent of the Earth’s land-based plants and animals.